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Upstream is a new space for open enthusiasts to discuss open approaches to scholarly communication.  Supported by FORCE11—though not a channel for its organizational news—this will be a global and inclusive blog and discussion space, bringing together original content and diverse perspectives from all corners of scholarly communications from institutions to libraries to researchers to publishers to funders and policy-makers.

Contributions will be open to all and some invited from individuals, the latter to demonstrate the scope, categories, and tone that are envisaged for the blog. To ensure Upstream remains aligned with the mission of the FORCE11, the blog will be managed by Team Upstream.

The Scope is Openness

The  UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science has been unanimously adopted in its entirety by its Member States in November 2021.

Open science is a movement aiming to make science more open, accessible, efficient, democratic, and transparent.

Overall the scope for this blog includes topics deemed to fit into UNESCO’s definitions, including but not restricted to:

  • Emerging Trends in Scholarly Communications
  • Gender and Racial Equity in Scholarly Communications
  • Global Perspectives on Open Access
  • Knowledge Justice
  • New Models and Formats of Publishing Research
  • Open Access Publishing Trends
  • Open Citations
  • Open Data Metrics, Open Data Citations
  • Open Hardware
  • Open Infrastructure
  • Open Knowledge Graphs
  • Open Metadata
  • Open Metrics
  • Open Research Data
  • Open Source software and code
  • Open/Transparent Peer Review
  • Social Justice aspects of Scholarly Communications
  • Transformation of the Publishing Industry

Blog Post Frequency

Weekly at the outset – but we’re hoping for greater frequency over time.

Code of Conduct

Upstream is supported by the FORCE11 Code of Conduct Committee.


Upstream has been inspired by the need for a forum for discourse, expressed by the community of FORCE11. Team Upstream is grateful for the funding put forward by FORCE11 for launching the blog site.


Interested in how often Upstream is read? Find some more information on the page below:

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